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Workshops on Nutrition and Exercise -- online or in person

Come learn how to maximize daily energy, exercise performance & life-long health.

If you are a health professional, come to further your career!

Nancy Clark RD, along with William Evans, PhD, are leaders of a popular workshop titled Nutrition & Exercise: From Science to Practice. This information-packed workshop teaches health professionals what they want to know about how to effectively teach the nutrition and exercise message. They learn how to better help their clients optimize energy and athletic performance as well as invest in future health.

The content is valuable for not only dietitians, exercise leaders, personal trainers, coaches, and other health professionals, but also for athletes, seniors, and anyone with an interest in longevity, fitness, and energy. Both leaders are respected for their ability to translate complex scientific subjects into "how to" information to help people win with nutrition.

Topics include exercise and aging, protein, ergogenic aids, sports nutrition counseling tips, exercise and weight loss, eating disorders and athletes—as well as tips for sports nutrition entrepreneurs who want to start their own businesses. Networking is encouraged!

Co-leading the workshop with Nancy Clark is William Evans, PhD.
Dr. Evans, an Adjunct Professor at Duke University Medical Center, is renown for his research on protein, muscles and aging.  His research at Tufts University and Penn State University resulted in landmark studies demonstrating the important benefits of appropriate nutrition and exercise for the elderly (and all of us who are aging every day!).  He brings with him a wealth of information on bone health, protein needs, fuel use during exercise, amenorrhea, body composition, antioxidants, and anti-aging exercise.

Sports Nutrition Workshop Information at www.sportsnutritionworkshop.com

Online Home Study with continuing education credits for AND, ACE, NATA-BOC, NSCA, ACSM and CHES.

If you cannot attend Nancy Clark's and William Evans' popular Nutrition & Exercise Workshop, the workshop can come to you!

This dynamic and comprehensive workshop is now available online. Simply register for the online home study course, and you will receive via email a password that grants you entry into the content. You'll think you are actually at the workshop!

You will see each PowerPoint slide accompanied by the audio of Nancy and Bill as they present their lectures. After enjoying each session, you will take a quiz and then, upon passing the quiz (70% correct answers), will receive a certificate of completion. The complete program is 10 hours of education.

Click HERE to register.

What people are saying about the online workshop

"This workshop was informative and energizing--like a shot of B-12 for a fatigued RD!" Denice Ondrejcak RD

"The online workshop was great. I was unable to attend the workshop in person, so this home study course was the next best thing to being there. I got a lot of information that has expanded my knowledge for my new career. Thank you for offering this online option." Karen Stone, Personal Trainer

"I so enjoyed the workshop!!! Wonderfully done and so helpful to be able to listen to it again and again. Thank you for providing this online material. I love your books and hope someday I will be able to come and meet you at conference." Cris Rueffert RD


What people are saying about the workshop

"This workshop gave me just what I wanted.  It was great!"
"What I liked best was access to these two internationally known experts.  I learned so much from the invaluable first-hand experiences of Nancy Clark and William Evans."

"I came with tons of questions about how to eat for exercise, and I left with all the answers.  I got my money's worth plus more!"


"I attended your workshop this past weeknd and wanted to say thank you! Your information and practical way of delivering this information has already helped me in practice this week. I have learned so much from your books and now, from your workshop. Last weekend, you gave me even more inspiration to further my career."


Sports Nutrition Workshop Information at www.sportsnutritionworkshop.com


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Nancy Clark is an internationally known sports nutritionist and author. She has written four sports nutrition books covering several valuable nutrition topics for athletes, including proper nutrition for endurance sports, sports conditioning and diet, triathlon training, sports training and diet, and pre-competition training diet for runners. She also has developed a dietetics and nursing continuing education course on sports nutrition. For health professionals there are sports nutrition presentations ready to go, handouts and a monthly camera ready column.