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Sports Nutrition Guidebook 5th Edition
Sports Nutrition Guidebook, Fifth Edition » view details
Packed with information on diet for sports training. Gain a competitive edge through nutrition designed for the athlete.
Home Study CEUs for Health Professionals also available!
Price: $19

The Cyclist's Good Guide
Food Guide for New Runners: Getting It Right From The Start » view details  
Nancy Clark's Food Guide for New Runners is easy to read, offers practical tips, debunks nutrition myths, and is a handy resource for new runners who are eager to learn how to reach their goals with energy to spare.
Price: $16.00

Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners
Nancy Clark's Food Guide for Marathoners: Tips for Everyday Champions » view details
A "how to" nutrition guide for walkers and runners who want help fueling themselves. Includes information on diet for sports conditioning.
Price: $16

The Cyclist's Good Guide
Food Guide for Soccer: Tips & Recipes from the Pros » view details  
Without a doubt, enjoying the right foods at the right times can definitely improve your soccer performance!
Price: $18.00

The Cyclist's Good Guide
The Cyclist's Food Guide: Fueling for the Distance » view details  
Keep your energy level high on bike rides that last for hours, days, or weeks.
Price: $15.00

Dieting Gone Awry - How to Help Clients With Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating
Dieting Gone Awry » view details
One hour DVD for health/fitness professionals who want to better understand how to appropriately deal with individuals who appear to be struggling with food and exercise.
Price: $49.95

Dieting Tips for Active People
Dieting Tips for Active People » view details
Forty (40) minute Mp3 download on how to lose fat and have energy to exercise. The information is geared for active people who are frustrated with their unsuccessful attempts to lose weight.
Price: $10

Nutrition for Sports, Exercise and Weight Management: What Really Works—And Why » view details
Sports nutritionist Nancy Clark with exercise physiologist John Ivy PhD offer this helpful 2015 workshop Nutrition for Sports, Exercise and Weight Management; What Really Works—and Why! Receive via email a password that grants you entry into the content. View each PowerPoint slide accompanied by the audio of their lectures. Also available as a live workshop; see the website for full details.

Sports Nutrition Guidebook  Home Study Course
Home Study CEUs for Sports Nutrition Guidebook (5th Edition) » view details
Dietetics and nursing continuing education program. Twenty-five (25) hours of continuing education
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Boston sports nutritionist Nancy Clark RD is an internationally respected sports nutrition counselor and author. She has written five sports nutrition books and has a blog covering several valuable nutrition topics for athletes and fitness exercisers, including proper nutrition for endurance sports, sports conditioning and diet, triathlon training, sports training and diet, and pre-competition training diet for runners, bicyclists, and soccer players. She also has developed a dietetics and nursing continuing education course on sports nutrition (available online and as a live workshop offering CEUs). For health professionals there are pre-made sports nutrition presentations, ready to duplicate handouts, and a monthly reprintable column.